Our 24 hour services worldwide, include full technical and maintenance support for any problems, repairs, installations and overhauls on ships and industrial units worldwide.


Our trained staff possess the expertise and knowledge required to carry out all industrial and marine installations, overhauls and repairs.  We make sure all work is carried out to the satisfaction of the customer ensuring that technical support is given  before, during and after any work is carried out.


We repair compressors, and build new air-conditioning or refrigeration units. We supply compressors and spare parts and we also undertake installation if required. For Frigomarine, rebuilding means a lot more than replacing worn parts or painting the compressor. This means you have to go to the heart of the compressor and inspect each part thoroughly down to the last screw. To do this the compressor should be dissolved and cleaned, removing all the paint, rust, oil residues, leaving the metals clean. We believe that only original or OEM spare parts and controlled assembly can ensure the proper operation of the rebuilt compressor. This reconstruction philosophy, conforming to the manufacturer’s specifications, has been preserved to date, allowing the company to provide reliable products, coordinated with the needs of the shipping & industrial market sector.



By carrying out an in depth inspection we can reduce refrigeration cost by reducing the refrigerant consumption. This gives you the following:


  • Improvement of system efficiency & performance
  • Avoidance of  future system breakdowns/repairs
  • Reduction in the ship’s carbon footprint
  • Identification of system leaks
  • Meets regulatory requirements for annual inspections
  • Your vessel is in line with EPA and F-Gas legislation


Our experienced technicians will complete operational efficiency and integrity inspections on your vessels’ refrigeration systems including: air-conditioning, provision plants and marine packaged air-conditioning units.  We are available to attend any vessel, including any dry dock operations globally.


  • The entire Refrigeration plant is leak tested
  • Systems are test run to the optimum efficiency
  • Safety switches and controls are tested
  • Insulation and pipes are inspected
  • System condition is evaluated
  • A report outlining system performance issued
  • Future repairs & recommendations provided